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Alfresco is a collection of information management software products for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems developed by Alfresco Software Inc. using Java technology. Their primary software offering, branded as a Digital Business Platform is proprietary & a commercially licensed open source platform, supports open standards, and provides enterprise scale.

A former user shares his experience on, "Alfresco's code is very complicated. There are no easy ways to "upgrade". You have to basically start over so any custom code you have has to be deployed after the upgrade. Any small errors take the whole system down. I worked for a very high profile broker-dealer that depended largely on Alfresco for content.


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PSE Premier Service Engineer Alfresco Software (Current Employee) says

"To much chaos, staff turnover is extremely high, I am on my 4 manager in 4 years. Company has been purchased by private equity firm with no long term interest in the product or its employees. They have already indicted their interest in reselling the organization"

assistant (Former Employee) says

"Slaps me on he’s did I do anything wrong Hated working here, worst place to ever work first ever proper job aswell , would definitely not recommend working here he nonces on girls aswell"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"A day at work was very difficult as I was the youngest Manager they had but manage to get along with them and they with me and that was also the hardest part of the job was to get them to approved me it didn't toke long but they did like me on the end of the day.Free lunchLong hours 12-16 hours"

Monkey Grinder (Current Employee) says

"Working at Alfresco may be perfect for those who want to work part time which is what a lot of employees do and managers look the other way. Even though there is no company policy, Fridays are generally considered the start of the weekend. Salary increases are nonexistent unless you're in a sales or management position. Health benefits are expensive and takes up a lot of your pay if you have a large family to support on one salary. Politics rule and the favorites go to Club. Commute is nonexistent which is the best part and able to focus on tasks. Small circle of employees who are the CORE of the company and who you can rely on to get help or information. Management seems to be doing a good job but you can tell they are running with their hair on fire mode. Overall not a bad company to work for.PeopleNo cost of living, no raises unless you are in a sales or management position."

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"- job to start earning some money - to gain some experience - to learn to speak englishfree lunch"